Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Call it Love

I had my toes painted in Essie's new Summer Resort Collection color, "Splash of Grenadine" and haven't been able to stop since. Call is rose, call it pink, call it mauve, call it love. Maybe I love it so because my room was painted this color when I was twelve, or maybe because it brings out the bronze in the palest of goddesses and has that certain something that distinguishes a signature summer shade. Let me tell you, I am not a pastel girl. I feel like Bree Van de Kamp when I sport that shit and I am not about that life.

Back to the beauty... ever since that fateful day at the nail salon, I have been dreaming about the color on my dresses, around my neck, painted onto my lips, adorning a skimpy bikini. The only bad news: I can barely seem to find it. This is what I did scrounge up off the interwebz.

And when you can't find any pieces available in your dream color, just remember,

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